Geologic Change Webquest

Class:   Welcome to the Geologic Change Webquest!  You need your science notebook, a pencil and your brain for this activity.  Complete the instructions below and record your progress by writing Cornell Notes. 

When you see “Click Here”…click there.  A new window will open.   Go back and forth between these instructions and websites you are directed to.

Let’s begin!

Essential Question: What is the evidence for geologic changes over time and what story is this information telling us?

Introduction (START HERE)

  1. Click Here – Go through the interactive as you think about the essential question. Write 2-3 important ideas in your notes.
  2. Click Here – Read the pages on this site to find an overview of what the evidence is for an ancient earth. Write 2-3 important ideas in your notes.


Instructions:  Make a T-Chart in your notes:

Evidence Earth has changed over time  | How else I could explain this evidence

Read these sites to fill in the T-Chart and consider this question:  What is the evidence from these sites that earth has changed over time?  What other way could this evidence be explained? 

Click Here – Age of the Earth (USGS)

  1. Click Here -Age of the Earth (
  2. Click Here – Age of the Earth (US Park Service)
  3. Click Here – Sea Floor Spreading Map (click to zoom in)
  4. Click Here – Timeline of Life on Earth
  5. Click Here – Interactive Geologic Time Scale


Read through your notes, thinking about the evidence for geologic change over time.

  1. Summarize what you’ve learned in writing.  What story is the evidence telling about the earth’s history?
  2. Analyze the evidence that the earth is 4.6 billion years old by writing your opinion and supporting it with facts.
  • In my opinion __________________.
  • I think this because ______________________.
  • Other evidence to support my opinion is ___________.
  • In summary, _____________________.


Radioactive Dating Game

Click to Run

NEXT: log into Bitstrips, and complete the assignment using the notes you just completed.