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Webquest Links:

Energy is the ability to do work. In other words, any time you do work on an object (move it, push/pull etc) it takes energy. Today you explore different types of energy and their interactions.

You will complete this energy web quest by completing the worksheet as you go to all of the websites and learn about potential and kinetic energy and elastic potential energy. Next to each website link is an estimated amount of time to spend on each section. Keep track of time to make sure you will be able to earn 100% on this assignment.

  • Choose “Park Physics Flashed” and enter the amusement park. Complete the worksheet Questions 1-10 using this website.(20-25 minutes)   Start Here: Amusement Park Physics


  • Go to the University of Colorado Phet Website. Use the “Energy Skate Park” Simulation to answer the next set of questions. (15-20 minutes)   Click Here: Phet and click “RUN”


  • “Masses and Springs” from the University of Colorado Phet website. -Click “RUN” (20 minutes)  Click here: Elastic Potential Energy


  • Different forms of Energy. Go to this website to complete the next section on your worksheet. (20 minutes)   Click here: EIA Energy


Here’s some other online study resources to help you as you learn about ENERGY!

Different Forms of Energy

Energy Conservation

Energy Transformation – pendulum

The old stand-by…Mr. Edmunds sings about Energy

Conservation of Energy in the Circus

Watch the full episode. See more Circus.

Conservation of Energy Song

Energy Transfer Song